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Getting on a jet plane … to fight for freedom and justice

So … we are moving to South Asia to work with International Justice Mission, a Christian human rights organization, to fight bonded labor, a form of human trafficking. We have written a broader description of what we are doing and why.

In 1983, Indian Chief Justice P.N. Bhagwati described the problem of bonded labor, its evil, and the importance of addressing it in a landmark decision enforcing India’s prohibition of bonded labor enshrined in both the 1947 constitution and in a 1976 statute. He wrote:

The system of bonded labour has been prevalent in various parts of the country since long prior to the attainment of political freedom and it constitutes an ugly and shameful feature of our national life. This system based on exploitation by a few socially and economically powerful persons trading on the misery and suffering of large numbers of men and holding them in bondage is a relic of a feudal hierarchical society which hypocritically proclaims the divinity of men but treats large masses of people belonging to the lower rungs of the social ladder or economically impoverished segments of society as dirt and chattel. This system under which one person can be bonded to provide labour to another for years and years until an alleged debt is supposed to be wiped out which never seems to happen during the life time of the bonded labourer, is totally incompatible with the new egalitarian socioeconomic order which we have promised to build and it is not only an affront to basic human dignity but also constitutes gross and revolting violation of constitutional values.

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